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Watch The Proposal Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | The The Proposal Trailer Download

Posted on: April 22, 2013

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Genres: Romance , Drama , Comedy
Actors: Dale Place , Michael Mosley , Michael Nouri , Aasif Mandvi , Oscar Nuñez , Malin Akerman , Denis O’Hare , Betty White , Craig T. Nelson , Mary Steenburgen , Ryan Reynolds , Sandra Bullock , Alicia Hunt , Alexis Garcia , Kortney Adams
Director: Anne Fletcher
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (121453 votes)

For three years, Andrew Paxton has slaved as the assistant to Margaret Tate, hard-driving editor at a New York publisher. When Margaret, a Canadian, faces deportation for an expired visa, she hatches a scheme to marry Andrew – he agrees if she’ll promise a promotion. A skeptical INS agent vows to test the couple about each other the next Monday. Andrew had plans to fly home that weekend for his grandma’s 90th, so Margaret goes with him – to Sitka, Alaska – where mom, dad, and grams await. Family dynamics take over: tensions between dad and Andrew, an ex-girlfriend, Andrew’s dislike of Margaret, and her past color the next few days, with the INS ready to charge Andrew with fraud.

Film Review

Andrew Paxton played by Ryan Reynolds is an editor's assistant in a major publishing company in New York City. He has been working closely with his boss Margaret Tate played by Sandra Bullock for more than three years in an attempt to win a promotion to editor. Andrew has become so familiar with his boss that he know just about all there is to know about her. Margaret is somewhat of a recluse in that she has virtually no social life and runs her department at the publishing company with an iron fist. Including Andrew all of her co-workers see her as a witch on a broom casting spells on all her coworkers (Hoberman, Chiarelli, & Fletcher, 2009).Andrew is a devoted employee with a passion to edit. In order to achieve this goal he feels it necessary to know everything there is to know about his boss and make sure that he pleases her at all times. Even if this means marrying her so that she can maintain her Visa status in the United States. Andrew makes what he feels is a deal wi…

Recap: Margaret Tate is the chief editor, Andrew's boss in fact, and the office witch. Exactly everyone, Andrew included, hates her for her heartless, ruthless ways and that she puts work above anything else, and expects everyone else to o the same. She does things her own ways, and don't bother listening to anyone else, including the Immigration Agency. So now they're deporting her. To stop that she recruits Andrew to marry her. To fool the immigration agent they go to Andrew's grandmothers birthday, in Sitka Alaska. At first they can barely stand each other, but naturally there is more to each one than first meets the eye.Comments: A pretty much standard romantic comedy, where the two at first seems to hate each other but in the differences find love. And it works well, and I really liked The Proposal. Not very surprising in the grand scheme, actually it takes most of the standard cliché, but it does have a few quick turns and small surprises.It got a good c…

I want to start out by first saying that I ADORE everyone in this cast. I can't even think of a better cast. Starting from Ryan Reynolds all the way down to whoever plays the immigration guy. Brilliant.I personally like rom-coms. I do not have a problem with them because, to me, they're still better than extra=cheesy slasher films. With that said, I know how to spot a good romantic comedy really well. Let me tell you, this is one of them. I laughed every time they wanted someone to, I gasped every time they wanted it, and I sighed every time they wanted it.Bullock and Reynolds have hilarious and wonderful chemistry, both when they hate each other and when they love each other. They play off one another to make it so believable even though the plot isn't.Let's take a moment to talk about my favorite part, the side characters. First, there's the wonderfully sweet and charming Mary Steenburgen playing the mom. Love her! Then, there's the dad. Him and Reynold…

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